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 Born in west part of Japan in 1983, I grew up in Kanagawa until I graduated from university. I spent one year in Rennes, France to study the language. I am therefore capable of communicating in Japanese, English and French. I took professional photographer cours at Tokyo Photo School in 2014.

I firstly touched a camera when I was in kindergarten. My mother had one, and I often tried taking photos at events without knowing what focus ring moves for.

I think a photograph always contains a motion even though you are actually not moving. People are always natural when they are moving. Therefore I am fond of capturing people in a motion to shoot their natural posture and emotion.





  • Décollage (Group exhibition with 14 photographers) in Omotesando Gallery, Tokyo, 2014
  • Début du début (Group exhibition with 15 photographers) in Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, 2015


  • Tokyo Farmers (Tokyo Nogyo Jin) – Raichosha 2015
  • GOKAN Magazine Special Fukushima – GOKAN K.K. 2021


  • Tokudane (Fuji TV) – Interview about carpool website


  • Nihongo avec Kazu
  • Ichiban Japan, documentaire sur le Japon
  • Vlog de Laurent Caccia – Un blog unique au jour le jour qui vous amènera à l’autre bout du monde